Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Know where to go

(Originally written on August 22, 2011)
A Sequel to 'Nowhere to go'
Why she said that?, of course i do know,
I know where i belong, I know where to go..

I just met her, this time, swinging back and forth, 
Vacillating, and troubled, what is with us both..??

She was the same girl, i met her an year ago,
In that park, lonely bench, had 'nowhere to go'..

In a little time she settled, and let a heavy sigh out,
I wanted to ask her what that swnging was all about,

But the look on her face told me not to try,
And before i could dare, she asked me 'Why?',

"I lost what was mine, Among the two, i had to choose one, 
I picked,  what was right, mine, just to say, now i have none,"

"I am back to that point, and i have been wondering all along,
Why am i back to nothing, plese tell me, Where did i go wrong"

"I dunno, What can i say", i said, "We've just met once before"..
"Met just once", she  murmured, "Are you certain, are you sure?"

But then, she smiled, with a deep cunning understanding,
and she looked up towards me, her piercing smile expanding,

She stood up to leave and waved me goobye,
With Sad, disappointed eyes, she passed me by,

"You understand me, admit it, you do, i know,
You've seen it, You can feel my pain, and so,
It sounds exactly like it is... though you try not to show...
Always So lonely in your heart...
you have nowhere to go.. :) "

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