Wednesday, December 25, 2013

For Friends You Haven't Met

Hi friends,

Well, yes, i haven't probably met you, or i probably have, but i still think of you as friends. You may call me stupid, and immature, and that i haven't seen the real world yet. Well, you have every right to do that, but i'll still think of you no less than of a friend. If we meet someday, i'll be sure to smile and strike up a conversation, if i don't, please feel free to start, 'cause something definitely is off about that scenario. 

Today i am just here to share a piece of my personality and experience of making acquaintance with a new friend, probably 50+ year old. Its not my first time. Well, may be its just because i am talkative, but i can't sit and not interact with anyone, esp if i am alone, and getting bored. So well, today, this granny aged woman who was @ McD with her daughter and grandson, and was walking with a stick, she was old, but not too old, was standing in front of the counter, wondering where to sit, in the completely-packed-with-people place. So well, me and my family had one seat to offer on our table. So, while i was just sipping my drink, i waited to catch her eyesight, and when i did, i smiled a bit and with gentle wave of hand, offered her to sit with us. Though hesitant in the beginning, she happily accepted it, still insisting that she'd shift to another table if there is one available. Then she and i got chatting about movies. She just watched Dhoom 3 and she loved it. We talked about 3D movies, family outings, food, acting and i felt like I've met a friend not a stranger, not an old woman, just a friend. She started being comfortable at the table and i loved the way she wasn't hesitant in interacting with a stranger. 

I just felt like the difference in our age didn't matter, and that it was great meeting her. She didn't feel like a stranger at all. Its not my first time. I have always have been pretty interactive on all my journeys with my neighboring passengers in trains and buses, provided they are either too young or too old. Usually i tend to interact with kids, who are bugging their moms and need to be tamed. So i take my sketchbook out and draw something. It engages them for quite a while. Once, one of the mommies told me to teach him how to draw apple and various vegetables, some flowers too. It was most fun I've ever had. The kid was a darling. I did meet a Doctor once, who was researching some skin operations, must be about 50 years old. He was creating a presentation he was going to present somewhere, so we got talking about computers and stuff. 

I did make acquaintance with people, my age, once or twice. But that is rare. Well, concluding this post, all i can say is, i love walking around with the zest of bumping into a friend i haven't met, yet. Cheers mates.. :D

Monday, December 23, 2013

Magic Beans


It has been such a long time since i last felt like writing about something. Well, what can i say, life's been a bit of emotional roller coaster lately. I can't blame anyone, that's just how i am. Sometimes everything seems so tough, and nothing seems to work out, and everything around you begins to fall apart. Its like a rough and tough wave that seems to be tossing you here and there, and you fight with all your strength to be in control, but you can't and then, you just stop fighting and let your arms loose, flowing with the wave, up and down, to and fro, and you ride with the wave, easy, swift, smooth. Suddenly, it doesn't seem so difficult.

One of the days in past 2 weeks or more, i found myself asking if i am going to be fine. If i am just not making a huge mistake. If i am fit for surviving on my own out there. Well, why won't i be scared, i dream of being a bachelorette for the rest of my life. Well, it may seem stupid, but well, being born in India, it is a big deal, not getting married, working, single, and being a woman, of course. Nonetheless, i never felt like i was made for kitchen. Well, i always found it difficult to draw that line between a man and woman's responsibilities. I always felt like it should be a personal choice, not gender based. Marriage is so not my cup of tea. A husband, ummm no, please. I do want to have 2 girls though, adopt 'em perhaps, and a pet dog, and a guinea pig, and a tortoise too :D . Lol. Well yeah, i think about stuff like that, occasionally. But sometimes, this seems impossible. Not the kids, i mean, lol, just the part where i can be that woman who can keep up with this all and have a happy family and a bright smile on her face. And you know, be the kind of daughter who livens up the house, the kind of mother who can be friends at all times, have time for friends and still be able to work, and have the energy to nourish a happy and healthy family. That woman.

I wonder if i am ever going to be able to live up to my expectations as a web designer or artist. If a few years from now, i'll be actually standing in the place i look up to. I have a dream now. And it's not just career, and not just family. I wonder if i'll ever be able to strike a balance between the two and live it. If i'll be able to look back and think, 'I finally made it'.

Then something happened what could only remind me of that episode (S1E04) in friends when,

Though as confused as i was, and as stupid as i still feel for worrying about those things, i just looked at them as they smiled at me, and i could hear it in my head, softly, i told myself, "I am going to be just fine.."