Monday, August 22, 2011

Nowhere To Go.

It has been a few days, since i met her though,
And even now i still wonder, She had nowhere to go..???

A few days back, I met a child, Very sad, broken up, deep inside,
In a park, on a corner bench, I happened to sit by her side..

I sensed something unhappy, and noticed her swollen eyes,
As she tried to hide herself, not done with silent cries..

I cudn't help but ask her "WHY?", If everyhting was okay,
Though i knew nothing was fine, but had nothing else to say..

She projected a fake curve, i guess it was meant to assure me,
But i cud see beyond, pain in those eyes tht i cud see so clearly..

"I wont ask u whts wrong, i wont tell u wht to do,
but whatever it is dear, m sure u'll make it through"

I wondered how alone could she be.. how much sad to feel so weak..
Cuz i saw a monent later, pair of drops rollling down her cheek..

As the time passed and m still wondering on and on,
y m thinking bout her.. when the the gal's already gone...

I cant stop thinking bout her, cant get her outa my head,
I cudn't understand her pain though, i remember wht she said...

She was not orphan, nor without a place to live in,
Then i wonder, how "Homeless" she cud ever have been..??

Its not bout the parents, family or not even friends,
Its about being needed by someone who understands...

Its about being wanted.. being missed.. now and then with time,
Its about feeling that u belong.. with someone somewhere.. sometime..

Though i couldn't understand her, i admit it, i cant, i know,
But neither will i pretend, to b able to feel her pain, and so,
It sounds exactly like it is... though she could hardly show...
So lonely in her heart...
she had nowhere to go..

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